When Change Is Frustrating

My computer died today. Luckily, it had been expiring for awhile before I finally bought a new one which came yesterday. Just in the nick of time! But now there’s a learning curve that as a not very technologically savvy #womanofacertainage, I’m facing learning a whole new way of in the form of a Mac. I had been a Windows Woman for years so this is altogether new. In addition, I have been a mouse user and no longer have a mouse to click! Yikes! What was I thinking?

However, it’s time for change in my life and it’s good to learn new things even when they feel difficult. I will admit that I feel a bit frustrated today with having to let go of what I was comfortable with and embrace the new. But then again, true to being authentically me, I am doing my best to embrace this change joyfully as well.

As a metaphor for life’s changes, this is a good one because being technologically savvy is key in this day and age for all of us. While some of us may take to technology like a duck to water, that’s not me. I need concrete instructions or I’m liable to just keep clicking until I figure it out. While I eventually do figure it out, it’s not without some form of going about it sideways! LOL. But that’s the risk I knew I was taking in ordering a new computer like this one.

Are you a Mac or a Windows person? If you’ve transitioned from one to another, you probably understand how I’m feeling today. If I know me, I will continue to plod along until I get the hang of it and then I’ll be fine. In the meantime, please excuse any mistakes you see or if I’m not answering right away. Because I’m also having internet issues (when it rains sometimes it pours) but those too will be remedied.

I guess that’s the point, right? Change can be hard at times when we’re in the midst of the chaos that change brings. But sometimes we find that once we’ve gotten through it, we can see how JOYFUL our lives become, despite the hardships. I’ve got faith that I can learn this new system and ask for help when needed. With help, I’ve found I can do anything.

How about you? I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

PS Yes, I have taken my gummies that help with the anxiety that was building and I do feel better! If you’re interested in reading about them, check the fact sheet below or go onto my website on the first page for NAVAN! https://joyfulchange.navanglobal.com

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