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The reason so much attention is being paid to CBD at the moment is due to of all its health benefits. It works with our endocannabinoid system, the primary controller for all our body’s systems, which means it’s essential for fine-tuning, regulating and maintaining good health.

Cannabidiol for the longest time was overlooked because medical professionals and the public spent time focusing on its bad brother THC and all of its effects. However, that is changing and more people are using this ‘miracle’ plant for a wide variety of health issues.

It is usually used by patients in an oil form, but you can get it in gummy form as well.

CBD has a number of effects on your body and preclinical trials over the last 40 years have shown it can be used as:






Anti-tumoral agent


CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory, which is why it’s become such a popular part of detoxing programs. It also protects, restores and enhances.

It protects by mobilizing all of the essential organs and preventing further damage.

It restores by helping the body make the necessary corrections during the detox program.

It replaces vitamins, stops toxins, restores the gut and optimizes health.

It enhances the kidneys and by getting rid of unwanted toxins.

It also helps with symptom control including anxiety, pain, irritable bowel, and insomnia.

When our body experiences high levels of inflammation it ends up working harder to reduce the inflammation. Being the smart machine it is, it recognizes abnormal inflammation as problematic and kicks into gear to lower it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, our body prioritizes this particular job over removing chemicals and toxins, because more often than not, it doesn’t have any understanding of what these are.

When inflammation levels are low, our body can carry on doing what it’s supposed to be doing, cleaning and detoxing. Simply put, the lower the inflammation levels, the healthier our body because it’s doing what it’s supposed to be.

CBD has been shown

to reduce vomiting & nausea,

to suppress muscle spasms, and

to reduce seizures & convulsions.

It also has been shown to:

• promote relaxation and overall health

• relieve anxiety,

• reduce nicotine cravings

• aid in digestion

• inhibit cell growth in tumors and cancer cells.

Not all CBD brands are the same. Make sure you use one that is free from impurities.

Navan has a COA (Certificate of Analysis) on the website for each and every product which enables me to have peace of mind when recommending it to you. If you want further information, just check the website below!


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