Working From A Home Office

Cavanaugh Design Group | Interior Design form Pinterest

I work from home like most of us these days. My ‘home office’ is a big old desk that is surrounded by papers and two grey filing cabinets. Nearby are all of the other pieces of technology that are needed to help me with my daily work load. It’s not perfect, but it works for me at the moment. But…I have started to reach out of my comfort zone and to create a vision board of what I’d love to have! Because it’s time for a JOYFUL CHANGE!

Above, I found the photo on Pinterest of a great home office space which I really like! It suits me perfectly! Have you ever thought about what you’d love to have as an office space? I’d love to see what type of space you’d love to work in! Or if you have a great office space, I’d love to see it as well!

Of course, I’m a Jersey Girl (meaning I’m from New Jersey) which also means that I grew up on the beach (or for those who visit our beaches, they call it “the shore”). So beyond my limited thinking, here’s my ideal office space!

This is where I’d really like to be – at the beach!

Here’s the secret to my success – I don’t have to be stuffed away in an office in order to run my business. I CAN be at the beach and still work from my cell phone! How awesome is that? Can you do that too? Yes, you can!

#workfromhome and #workforyourself makes it easier to not be chained to a desk. Because I love what I do, it doesn’t really seem like work to me so that’s been a JOYFUL CHANGE in my life!

Are you ready to make a JOYFUL CHANGE in your life too?

Reach out and let’s chat to see if this is right for you!

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