How To Have Fun With SendOutCards

Here’s a card you could send!

Spring has my creativity flowing! I am so excited lately that I can’t keep still! Are you feeling a little more energized? I hope so!

I was thinking about the gift for you that I posted yesterday and thought maybe you’d like to see it in action so that you can imagine what you’ll find when you click on the link.

So first, let’s think of a person you’d like to send a card to…hmmm…friend? Family member? Or even a client? Secondly, let’s decide what type of card are you sending. Birthday? Anniversary? Just Because? The options are endless! Then you can check the catalogue to see if you like any of those options or you can get creative and build you own card!

So I chose a big card which is the most expensive, but it’s huge and people love to get something unusual so that’s my example today….and for a customized card that’s BIG, $3.75 is not expensive!

I added my logo to the card, but you can upload any photo you want – or make it text on a background of your choosing!

Here’s the inside of the card. You can choose text or image or both! I chose text for the top and figured I’d play with the fonts so you could see the colors and different fonts!

Notice to the left you can choose your background and layout!
I chose text on the top so you could see the different fonts and colors! You can even make your own colors too!

For the second half, I figured I’d put a few photos on there. So here’s an example.

So on the layout on the left side of the page, you can see how you can change the background, the images etc?
The pink circles let you put in the photo of your choice!

Also, at any time I can just save and close it and then it becomes part of my drafts until I want to send it! Just in case I get interrupted and have to stop for awhile.

This is the back of the card and guess what? I can put any image and writing on there that I want! Big or small!

Hopefully this helps you see what I’m talking about! Now what are you waiting for?

Please be my guest for free and JOYFULLY CHANGE someone’s day!

Here’s the LINK!

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