September 7

I’m reminded of a plethora of spiritual teachers’ books I’ve read or podcasts I’ve watched that talk about how our beliefs help to mold, to change and to incorporate goodness into our lives and into the world around us.

Manifest. Law of Attraction. Affirmations. Changing your mindset.

Those are all words and actions that can help you to raise your beliefs, but sometimes we need a little help beyond reading and studying in the practice realm. When you have someone who listens to how you phrase your beliefs, and notices the tense you’re using in reference to those affirmations etc., it helps.

If you begin to research, you will find a ton of information out there available to you in how to raise your energetic vibrations in order to facilitate your beliefs coming to fruition. What is necessary is to find what works for you and feels right in your mind, heart and body. Holding the belief that you’re going to win the lottery (for example, of course) takes awareness, discipline and many other resources. Belief that it happens must be a full body, mind, heart and gut belief. It is a full experience and not just a whimsical wish or a desperate cry of lack. One must be careful with our beliefs as well when we are working on making them reality. But that’s a topic for another day.

Vision boards, written and oral affirmations, studying and diving into personal development are all incredibly powerful ways in which we can support our energetic belief system (subconscious mind) and improve it. As we learn more, we raise our energy levels and through connections with like-minded people, we raise the vibrations of our world. That’s why I mentioned the ‘ohana’ awhile back – a family (community) of people who are open and willing to share, to connect and to increase our awareness of change in a good way. We are not alone on this journey we call life. We need support, hands to hold – it takes a village – comes to mind. I would love to facilitate such a group if there’s interest, so please reach out if you do find yourself resonating with this.

Lastly, I can’t help but end with the song, Don’t Stop Believing as the lyrics call to me:

Don’t stop believin’
Hold on to that feelin’

Don’t Stop Believing in the Power of You!

Happy September!

Published by Joyful Change With Yvonne

Joyful Change is embracing the journey to health and wellness of mind, body and spirit. Sometimes we need a little hand holding and support as we process life school. I am here to help you as a Companion and Mentor.

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