The Meaning Behind The Year 2020

Has it occurred to you as well that this year of change, of pandemic, of quarantine and world upheaval is coming during the year 2020? Does the phrase hindsight is 20/20 come to mind when you think of this year? For it is here. Released into the world to awaken those who are ready and to nudge those others who remain in the dark.

Seeing clearly through the changes has set me on a path that requires much inner work. I have quietly been processing my life’s challenges and sharing what I’ve been learning with those who yearn to awaken as well. Messages and information arrive in a timely fashion for it seems the teacher arrives when the student is ready works for me as well.

Awareness is key during these times. Self-awareness and the deep mining of and processing of the emotional turmoil which we have buried deep within our psyche has been coming to the surface at rapid speeds. While the instinct to restrain those feelings and keep them locked away may be strong, it does not serve us to not offer them to the light in order to be healed, once and for all. Because what we repress and do not process will continue to fester underneath. A fresh look in hindsight with clarity is the only way through these troubling times in order to come out of them better, stronger and more connected to Source.

For we are all connected to Source, but we stop the flow of energy when we allow negativity to fester. Negative emotions and situations may be all around us, but when we focus on positivity, it grows and manifests with The Law of Attraction.

The time and the place to gather the information within and to process it is now for we can clearly see in 2020 how the experiences we have endured have led us to this present moment. We have a choice in how we view our past. We have the ability to surrender to what has happened and to let go of the cords that bound us to limiting beliefs in life.

While it can certainly feel uncomfortable to go back in time to traumas, to difficulties and to deep-seated hurts, the clearing of these from the body, mind and soul will refresh you in ways you cannot begin to fathom.

Do not be afraid when the memory arrives as it is wont to do in 2020. Treat it as you would a friend and allow the memory its presence, but with you as the observer of the entire experience. Calmly observe how each person involved was doing the best to their ability, with the knowledge they had and the inner courage they had. Forgive yourself and others. Listen with your heart and acknowledge the life school lesson learned through the experience or event. See the big picture with your spiritual understanding and compassion in order to process the memory. Dig deeply into all of the feelings that surface through the memory and when you need, process each one individually so that the lesson is complete. You are given this 20/20 hindsight to do this inner work to clear in order to heal.

The present moment is an immersion into presence, productivity and an awakening light that ignites our inner power. The opportunity for healing is now and while we have the ability to raise our vibrations at any time, it seems to me that 2020 has offered the perfect time to reflect, to let go, to embrace and to expand our individual and collective enlightened thinking.

If you are needing a Companion or Mentor through this process, I humbly offer my services. You may contact me personally via email. I am here to help you through 2020.

Published by Joyful Change With Yvonne

Joyful Change is embracing the journey to health and wellness of mind, body and spirit. Sometimes we need a little hand holding and support as we process life school. I am here to help you as a Companion and Mentor.

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