Let’s Connect!

I love to connect with people and hear all about their stories – their struggles and triumphs and all that’s in-between. I am not afraid to sit with you while you cry or to hug you when you need a friend. Frankly, I feel that tears are cleansing and they are a part of lettingContinue reading “Let’s Connect!”

Having A Vision

I belong to several groups on FB which have to do with some of what I’ve endured in my life. One of them is a breast cancer group where women share and are supported by others who have breast cancer in common. Do you belong to any groups as well? Anyway, one of the womenContinue reading “Having A Vision”

Finding Peace

“When I release what I hold onto, I find peace.” Sometimes we hold on so tightly to something that we ache inside. We think that we need this (insert whatever or whoever it is) and that life won’t be the same with out it/them. While that is true – that life won’t be the same,Continue reading “Finding Peace”

I Don’t Know…

It’s when the need to change (whether by choice or by circumstance) is more powerful than staying with what one is familiar with that sparks the insight and the steps forward. So, if you don’t really know what you want to change, but only that you need a change in your life. That’s a goodContinue reading “I Don’t Know…”

What Do You Want To Change?

The very first question I ask is “What do you want to change?” because that’s the crux of it really. We can talk for hours about what’s going on in your life, but when we zero in on what you want to change, well then, that’s a whole different story. Because most people’s first reactionContinue reading “What Do You Want To Change?”

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Good morning! I want you to stop for a moment and think about this question: When was the last time you laughed? I know it sounds like a funny question (lame pun intended), but seriously, can you remember the last time you laughed? I mean, really laughed. Belly laughed? Tears sprouting from your eyes inContinue reading “Laughter Is The Best Medicine”

Let’s Have a Heart to Heart Chat

The willingness for people to open up and to share their stories is always inspiring to me. I find that sharing my story helps people, so I do it in order to help someone else, not to brag on what I’ve survived or to gain pity for what I’ve endured. I hope that in readingContinue reading “Let’s Have a Heart to Heart Chat”


REMEVOLUTION: The Evolution of Remembering Me 2023 is a time for remembering who we are! Who are you at your core? Your essence? What do you really want in this lifetime? What do you need to surrender and what do you need to keep alive for yourself? What outdated thought processes can you let goContinue reading “REMEVOLUTION”

In With The New 2023

This is a napkin set I bought for New Year’s at home with my kids. On the other side is: which I thought was funny and so appropriate! Because let’s get rid of what’s not working and try something new! Now’s the time! I’m not one to make resolutions. I don’t keep them so IContinue reading “In With The New 2023”

To The Woman Who Is Slowly Fading Away…

TO THE WOMAN WHO IS SLOWLY FADING AWAY… To the woman who has lost her spark. To the woman whose get up and go, has well and truly gone. This is for you. This is to remind you whose daughter you are. This is to remind you, that you don’t have to be everything toContinue reading “To The Woman Who Is Slowly Fading Away…”