September 17

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.

Greg Anderson

Being present while you’re involved in an activity brings the joy out in doing the activity. I know of many who have a goal and are so concentrated on getting it done, checking it off of their To Do List, that they miss out on the joy! While I realize that we live in a fast paced world, many times it is beneficial to not rush, but instead, to enjoy the activity! Notice your feelings while you are doing it and how wonderfully accomplished you feel upon completion! Many times that’s the whole reason for it!

It’s as if some people have an unconscious force inside of them that drives them to check off their To Do List in order to feel productive. They gain great satisfaction in knowing that they’ve completed the list of jobs they’ve put on their schedule for the day. It is almost like a triumphant TA DA (said in a sing song) after they have cleared their list. Check Check Check – you can almost hear them happily crossing off the items. This is a great attitude to have – being productive! But I often wonder besides the immense satisfaction they have when it comes to Check Check Check, are they happy while they are doing the jobs? Or are they just going through the motions as quickly and unconsciously as possible in order to get to the TA DA moment of completion?

While I like goal setting and checking off items as completed, there’s something to be said about being able to enjoy each present moment. What do you think? Where do you find your joy?

Happy September!

Published by Joyful Change With Yvonne

Joyful Change is embracing the journey to health and wellness of mind, body and spirit. Sometimes we need a little hand holding and support as we process life school. I am here to help you as a Companion and Mentor.

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