Deck The Halls

Christmas is my season! I adore everything about it – the love, the kindness, the decorations, the wintry snowy weather, the cozy home feelings, the act of giving and receiving presents…I’m all in! So it was no surprise that I began to ‘deck the halls’ the day after Thanksgiving! It’s been my ‘tradition’ for decades!

I put up what makes me happy – twinkly white lights, sentimental ornaments and decor, some silly elves and of course, a reindeer or two along with Santa and many angels. At night I sit quietly looking over the mantle festooned with white lights with many candles in the hearth and I feel at peace. For me, it’s the best time of the year!

Have you begun to decorate too if you celebrate Christmas? What are your favorites to decorate your home with – are they lights? Candles? Angels? Santa? A nativity?

We no longer have a real tree which was a difficult decision for me as I had always loved the tradition of choosing a tree, bringing it home and having the house smell of balsam. But I have found a great artificial tree which works for us and I have the best balsam candle to burn when I want that Christmas tree smell in our home. Do you get real trees or do you have an artificial one?

I hope today you get to relax a bit and decorate if that’s your tradition. I’d love to hear what you are doing so please comment! Have a great day!!

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2 thoughts on “Deck The Halls

  1. Hello there. I usually decorate as on 1st December. I decorated yesterday, and we’ve been having a small artificial tree with lights and a few ornaments on it. Listening to the radio that plays Christmas music all December long and indulging in a bit more candies than the rest of the year. Like you, the giving and receiving is something that I love. Deck the halls with lights and joy 😊 Merry Christmas season!

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