Back in the Saddle

This is Spinner, a 28 year old bay, who’s supposedly a grumpy old man. He was my lesson horse today during my return, after many years, to riding. I’ve always wanted to ride horses. As a little girl, I wanted to ride, but my parents weren’t horse people.

The one time I was allowed to ‘ride’, I was put on the back of a family friend’s racehorse who suddenly got spooked and bucked me off. I was about 10 years old and no, I didn’t want to get back in the saddle. So, I think the experience stayed with me throughout the years.

Fast forward and in my head, horseback riding was a wonderful experience, even though in reality it scared me. I began real horseback riding lessons when I was in my 50’s. It’s never too late to start most definitely applies to me because I needed healing and because equine therapy and getting out of my comfort zone were calling to me.

Charlie was my first lesson horse. He was patient, sweet and had an even temperament. While I was skittish, nervous and yet, determined, he steadfastly made it easy on me every step of the way – as he did for every rider he ever met. God rest his equine soul.

It was Charlie and my trainer Sasha who made such a positive difference in my life at a time when I really needed someone to make me take the reins and do for myself. To increase my confidence, my ‘I can do it’ attitude and show me, without a doubt, that I was more than ok.

Every horse has a different personality and tolerance level. While I have only met Spinner once, he’s a bit feisty and yet, I like feisty and frisky, as long as he doesn’t buck me off. A little wariness of him is probably good for me in the beginning until we get to know each other because you know they can feel your energy. I know I was a ball of nervous energy yesterday being that it was my first time back in the saddle in a few years and being tied to a heart monitor to boot!

So here’s my Monday morning inspiration to you – from a girl who never really liked getting out of her comfort zone – go do it! Because it’s soooo worth it!

Have a great week!

Published by Joyful Change With Yvonne

Joyful Change is embracing the journey to health and wellness of mind, body and spirit. Sometimes we need a little hand holding and support as we process life school. I am here to help you as a Companion and Mentor.

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