Testimonial IBS Brandi N

In Brandi’s own words: “Today marks one week of being on new supplements by Q sciences. I’m pretty sure this shit is witchcraft because WHOA! 🤯

Where to begin? Well, to start, I’ve been in and out of the doctors for years with gut health issues and among all the symptoms, tests, pokes and prods (and a little more 😐) the only conclusion they have come to or given me is that I have an extreme case of IBS.

At least twice a week you can find me keeled over, writhing in pain of stomach cramps in bed with a heating pad, and or soaking away 3-4 hours in a hot hot tub. Not this week though. This week I haven’t had any cramps and my belly has been working perfectly!

I’ve also lost 6 lbs since last Saturday, I am NOT bloated, which I wasn’t sure that I would ever be not bloated again because I also have severe endometriosis and a hemmoraging cyst on left ovary…( that should deal with itself, my director said. ( on a wait list for the gyno specialist though) the endometriosis has a nickname it can give you, it’s called “endo belly” which when it kicks into high gear if you’re really lucky the bloating will cause a few “awe, how far along are you?) comments 😭🤣 So to say I’m happy about not being bloated would be an understatement. 🥳

Now let’s talk energy. So I’m going for an MRI in November FINALLY because after about 3-4 years of chronic pain, they think I could have an auto immune disorder… could be fibromyalgia could be MS. My joints ache constantly, my muscles are sore like I just did the hardest full body CrossFit workout of life and the headaches OMG, insane. My joints creak and pop like I’m 95 and going out to a one day event like taking the kids to the lake for the day or going to a kids birthday party at a play place for a day ends me up in bed for three. Not this week, this week I have averaged 7,000 steps all week and have had the clarity and energy to do whatever I have wanted each day. I’m not sore(except maybe my feet) and my joints don’t ache. I have been drinking the Q sport daily which is like drinking a coffee but no jitters and no come down where I need a nap. Oh I haven’t taken a nap once this week… I’ve also woken up with ease every day. 🤯

Ok hear me out, I’m not saying it’s witchcraft but there is definitely some sort of voodoo magic happening here because taking a few pills each morning and night to help my body function properly and a drink to give me energy and clarity have provided me with one of the best (physicallly and mentally) weeks in a long long time. Did I mention the Q sports taste like candy?

I’m sleeping better (omg they have sleep spray… seriously spray it in your mouth and #nightnight… oh your kids can use it too #KABOOM)

I look better, I’ve lost 6 lbs and the best part, I literally feel like a million bucks.

Now the best part, because of how incredible I feel and what this week has done for my personal health, I’m taking a leap of faith and doing what I said I would never do again.. I’m jumping in! Two feet first! These products are too insane not too and I would literally be doing myself and all my friends and family a disservice by not sharing them!!

I’m gonna keep posting about them, about my results and if you’re like me and are sick of your quality of life, you’re tired all the time, you can’t stay focused (hello adhd) and you just want to feel healthier, more productive and all around better, then reach out and I’ll do my best to help you find whatever products are going to help you feel as good as I do!!”

Love and light,

Brandi N.

Below are the products Brandi was talking about and if you take a photo with your phone of the QR code you can order them for yourself! Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me! These are awesome!

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