These Are A Few Of My Favorite Feelings

Let me begin by saying Thank You to Joyful Stephanie for nominating me! Please check out her blog post here!

I started writing this post and the first thought that came to me was the song – These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things – from The Sound Of Music even though here we’re talking about feelings…so here is goes!

  1. LOVE – The feeling of Love is my absolute favorite feeling. Love for my family, my friends, myself and the world. Love unites the world. Hatred divides it. In these uncertain times, I especially choose Love as my top choice!
  2. GRATITUDE – Next for me is Gratitude. I keep Gratitude at the top of the list because it helps with the Law Of Attraction. Being grateful for the blessings in my life. Appreciating the small and big moments that help me along the way. Sometimes I have to reach deeply inward to find the good in a particular situation or find the Gratitude for it, but with enough presence, I can always find it.
  3. JOY – I know with the name JOYFUL CHANGE you would have thought that Joy was my number one, but I’ve increased my Joy after embracing Love and Gratitude. I feel as if they all go hand in hand.
  4. PRESENCE – Being Present in the moment has always been important to me. I have found peace and calm when I allow myself to be Present which goes along with all of the above listed feelings. Looking back to the past or anticipating the future only brings regret or anxiety (neither of which help me), so Present it is!
  5. COMPASSION – Since I was little, Compassion has been part of me. I have always been a willing partner to walk with someone who is suffering with the internal belief that with a compassionate heart, I can find a way to help them on their journey. As an Empath, I have the ability to take the perspective and feel the emotions of another person and with Compassion, I can help them.
  6. CONNECTIONS – While Connections may not be a traditional feeling, I put it on my list because Connecting with others is like breathing air for me. Whether it’s with a smile, by hugging or by helping to connect people, it’s a Joy for me to help to raise the positive energetic vibrations of people!
  7. UNCOMFORTABLE – Let me explain. Uncomfortable situations bring about change and whether we like it or not, change is a chance for growth which leads to new beginnings and expansion for each of us. I certainly don’t like Uncomfortable feelings, however, I appreciate what they bring about which is Change and growth and those are important to me.
  8. KINDNESS – I enjoy spreading kindness and receiving it as well. Kindness can be as small as a smile or holding a door for someone else. Kindness unites people as do many of the above feelings. Kindness is free and is a choice we make for ourselves and others.
  9. TRUST – Feeling Trustworthy myself brings confidence in all situations. When I acknowledge Trust in another person or situation, it grows by connecting us deeply. In my lifetime, my feeling of Trust has been broken many times which makes this feeling even more precious to me.
  10. FORGIVENESS – Forgiveness is the surrendering of the past and something I have learned to do for myself. Forgiveness has been key to healing. I may not have forgotten what happened, but holding on to the past only hurts me. Releasing those negative feelings surrounding a hurt allows healing to begin. I have learned that I cannot change others. I can only work on myself. So inward healing has helped me immensely to forgive and to transition from negativity into positivity where I’m embracing Joyful Change!

I hope you liked my list! Thank you again, Joyful Stephanie, for sending me the opportunity! This has been a great exercise for a Saturday afternoon. Perhaps it’s something you’d like to do as well? Please feel free to link back to my post if you want to do your list of 10! I’d like to connect with you and read your post!

If you don’t want to post, just comment below. Is there something else you’d like to put on the list for yourself? I’d love to read it!

P.S. Did you like the photo? I felt it incorporated many of the feelings I listed!


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