Gratitude For Iris

There’s an amazing woman I know who can psychically communicate with pets. Iris has an infinite understanding and ethereal way about her which pours healing light into every session. I was given the gift of her divine ability today as she spoke with our almost 14 year old beloved cat Tiffany who hasn’t been feeling well for months. What modern medicine couldn’t detect, Iris did through her divine wisdom and honestly, it made complete sense.

She knew nothing of our darling Tiffany (Tiffy) except that she was a huge part of our family and helped us to heal through many sad events over the years. I watched as Iris spoke to our resident healer whom we always referred to as our ‘fur therapy’ because Tiffy in her infinite compassion purred healing into all of us as needed.

Iris and Tiffy communicated. For this amazing session I am forever grateful as questions were answered and wisdom was received that I had been longing to understand. Iris closed her eyes to telecommunicate with Tiffy and while all was silent in our home, I watched Tiffy listening as her ears moved back and forth. I could tell they were talking in the only way Tiffy could.

As I sit here typing to you, tears are streaming down my face in gratitude for Iris’ ability to tell me what Tiffy needed me to know. While my heart is breaking for the upcoming loss, I know that it is right and Tiffy has assured us that she will stay for as long as needed.

Perhaps you find me silly in this post as many do not understand the intricacies of the healing purr or the heartbreaking emotion of a beloved pet’s passing. However, I know in my heart that it is all real and beyond what we mere mortals understand. The cords of unconditional love do heal us in ways we can’t quite fully comprehend. What a blessing the cords of love are!

There will be an emptiness here after Tiffy passes away. But there is also a huge gratitude for her healing presence in my sons’ and my lives while she was with us. She has been a precious blessing to us over the years when we suffered many losses and challenges. I will be forever grateful to our little fur therapy healer and to Iris who is helping us all to transition into yet another change in our lives.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story here. I would love to hear any of your pet stories or anything you’d like to share about today’s post. I always find it fascinating to see how we are all interconnected.

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