Crossing The Rainbow Bridge

I am no stranger to loss. Nor am I afraid to be with someone as they transition to Heaven. I have been there many times with family members and now with two beloved cats who were part of our family. Yesterday we went to the vet with our beloved Tiffy and held her as she passed away. Returning with the empty pet carrier was heartbreaking and it’s been a bit of a weepy time for my sons and me since then. Thank goodness we have our other cat Tigger with us as she sensed her humans’ neediness and has been very attentive in actively seeking snuggles. I am sure she feels the loss of Tiffy as well even though I have been told that animals do not fear death as much as their human counterparts.

I know some people are not able to be with a loved one (human or animal) when they pass. Whether by the loved one’s choice, circumstances or by their own choice, being present while a loved one passes is not for the faint of heart. It takes an inner strength to be there when it happens. It is pushing aside our own feelings in order to actively be there for whomever Is making the transition to Heaven. Being in the moment is key.

I feel it is an honor and a blessing to be there. Someone once asked me if I would still choose to have a pet knowing the heartbreak that happens when they leave us and my answer was a definitive yes. The unconditional love given and received far exceeds the heartbreak when they have to leave us. Our pets teach us so many essential life lessons as they live in the present moment. Their unconditional love heals us as we learn patience, compassion, presence, kindness, caring and of course, unconditional love by taking care of them.

My sons have grown up with pets as did I. But it was our cats who made the most beneficial impact on them. While the other hamster, anoles, array of goldfish etc. were special, there’s nothing like petting and caring for a pet who interacts with you. We were blessed with Tiffy and her legacy of love lives on in our hearts.

Thank you for allowing me to share today. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. If you’d like to share a special story with me, please comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Crossing The Rainbow Bridge

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Yvonne…. I understand completely – I’ve been there a few times with a collection of urn’s for each pet who is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. 💛💛💛


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