Cats and Dogs

Just sharing some quiet time together as each gets comfy with the other one

As you know, we got a Christmas Golden Retriever puppy named Buster. We already had a seven year old kitty rescue named Tigger who was quite surprised when we arrived home with a new family member.

We’ve been together for four weeks now and Buster and Tigger have been separated. However, when Buster is asleep in his crate, we open the gate and Tigger continues to have full reign over our home. Lately though, she’s been interested in coming around when he’s out and about, which I am vigilant about, but thoroughly in agreement with, on her terms.

This morning, all was quiet when she decided to come out. He was sitting with me and she watched from afar until she decided to let her presence known. Luckily, he just watched her and didn’t bark at all. She even decided to come closer to touch noses, but then she moved backwards, hissed and made her growly noise and walked away. He was non-plussed and just watched her.

She went up the stairs and sat watching him, while he sat by my feet. I think our ‘fraidy cat is coming out of her comfort zone! It’s very exciting to see how they are finding their way in this relationship. Slowly but surely, each is becoming a bit more comfortable.

I grew up with a dog and cat who were inseparable. They were the best of friends having grown up together, each as a rescue who had found their forever home with my family. We have only had cats in our home, so we are new to puppy training which has been eye-opening, which is why I wonder who is training whom?

Because they are training me for sure. Each animal has taught me patience, presence and taking each step as it comes. I am furever (forever) grateful to each of them. So the learning curve continues as each learns how to be with the other one in our home and we, as the humans, learn from them as well.

I just wanted to share today in case anything resonates with you or if you have any tips and tricks on how to introduce the cat and puppy. We’ve allowed each one to be comfortable under our vigilance to see each other and quietly interact. So far, so good!

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

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