Cats and Dogs

As you know, we got a Christmas Golden Retriever puppy named Buster. We already had a seven year old kitty rescue named Tigger who was quite surprised when we arrived home with a new family member. We’ve been together for four weeks now and Buster and Tigger have been separated. However, when Buster is asleepContinue reading “Cats and Dogs”

What Brings You Joy?

I awoke this morning with joy in my heart, to a world sugar-kissed with a snow-scaped yard that just brought me such delight! I adore snow (and even shoveling) as there’s nothing like it! It’s as if the whole world is blanketed in puffy white cotton and with the beautiful blue skies above, the sunContinue reading “What Brings You Joy?”

Making Routines Stick

Buster, our twelve week old Golden Retriever puppy, wanted to get in on the action today to help me, so I thought I’d make him the photo! If you’ve ever trained a new puppy, you know that it is not for the faint-hearted. It takes stamina, discipline and a new routine (hence the subject)! SoContinue reading “Making Routines Stick”

A Christmas Puppy

Well, we did it. We got a Christmas Golden Retriever puppy. We had been thinking of adding to our family for awhile, but I always believed that when the right pup came along, we’d know…and we did. His name is Buster. I don’t even know how he got the name, but I think it fits.Continue reading “A Christmas Puppy”