Give Grace to the Process

What’s it like to find yourself in a new life? I’ve endured many stages of ‘this is my new normal’ with all of the life experiences I’ve had. Some of them were good, while others were devastatingly difficult. But with each one, I learned more about life, relationships and myself. With each one, I grew stronger, mentally and emotionally, and sometimes, but not often, physically.

But each rise on the ladder of learning came at a price. I had to look forward and not backward at what was being left behind. The old normal, the comfort, what I thought I knew, was swept unequivocally away from me and I had to lean into uncharted territory, sometimes without a solid plan. That’s a hard lesson for a planner like me. But, I did it. I felt like I had no choice if I wanted to survive, to keep moving forward, to staying here for my kids’ sakes.

Much of what is gone is only a blur to me now. Remnants of ‘that girl’ only exist in tatters, with the exception of the big heart which I’ve carried with me throughout this lifetime. The rose-colored glasses are broken and wonky, having been trampled a few times, but they are still with me when I need them. I admit, I sometimes just wear them for nostalgia’s sake because I loved that innocence and I protect it as much as possible. They’re for when needed only and not for daily use. Life has gotten too complicated for their daily use.

Giving grace to the process is the best advice I can give to you when you’re in the midst of a transition. Allowing lessons to unfold, angels to help and wisdom to be shared is the best way to keep your head above the stormy waves when you’re in the thick of it. Eventually time and your efforts to allow calm to infuse your life will overcome the lessons and the new normal will emerge for you to fashion as you see fit. It’s most like putting the pieces of your life back together in a new way, shape and form. You add, you subtract, but always remember that this is YOUR LIFE to fashion as you wish.

My biggest lesson was to be me, authentically me, without reservation, without restraint, without worrying what others thought of me. While I am still not steadfastly there 24/7, I have made way for this new normal under grace in perfect ways.

Sometimes we need a friend to lend a hand when we’re transitioning through to a new normal Someone to hold our hands, help us to observe the scene at hand and to offer wisdom when necessary. I’ve had many angelic friends help me and I am here to help you when needed.

So take my hand. We’re all just walking each other home anyway according to Rumi!

Published by Joyful Change With Yvonne

Joyful Change is embracing the journey to health and wellness of mind, body and spirit. Sometimes we need a little hand holding and support as we process life school. I am here to help you as a Companion and Mentor.

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