Living Beyond Expectations

We’ve been watching a show on Netflix called One Hundred Humans. The premise is to test 100 humans ages 20-60’s both male and female in different ways. It’s been an interesting show to watch with my young adult children as we are from different generations and love to discuss life. We often find ourselves bettingContinue reading “Living Beyond Expectations”

What’s Your Story?

We’ve all got a story that we tell ourselves. In our mind’s eye, it’s the truth and it’s how we see what’s happened. While we may be right, sometimes what we’ve determined is the story, is in fact, not the whole truth. It’s a version of how we remember what happened, but maybe not exactlyContinue reading “What’s Your Story?”

What Do You Want?

Have you allowed yourself to answer the question: What Do You Want? It can feel like an overwhelming question when you ask yourself what you want because many times, we don’t know for sure. We only know that we aren’t happy where we are, but we don’t know how to change it to make itContinue reading “What Do You Want?”