Healing Your Inner Child

We learn our belief systems as very little children, and then we move through life creating experiences to match our beliefs. Look back in your own life and notice how often you have gone through the same experience.

Louise Hay

When we are children, many times in certain family structures, we are given a role. Cemented in that role are the yearnings to perfect it and we do. If we are given the role of ‘fixer or peacemaker’ we align ourselves into that role and work exceptionally hard to be just that – the fixer or peacemaker. As empaths, we believe that we are to take on the problems of family, friends, loved ones, even perhaps strangers, to help because we can. We spend all of our precious time working diligently to help others, to mother them, to help them, to create opportunities for them, to heal them, to soothe them and to walk with them through trying times. We become amazingly good at doing all of that!

But what while we are being everything to everyone around us, our soul suffers for we aren’t spending the same energy on ourselves. So while the mind, body and essence are proving that we are good enough, that we are more than proficient at the childhood role designated to us by our family, we are not giving the same care, love and guidance to ourselves.

What sometimes happens is that the physical body cannot handle this stress and we develop illnesses because we have dis-ease in the body. We are so into handling the human aspect of the human experience that is happening all around us that we neglect the fact that we are spiritual beings, souls, having a human experience. Our souls have come here to have the human experience in order to learn more about life in a deeper way.

So the patterns that repeat are signs that we need to make a Joyful Change. We need to listen to our souls and our inner Knowings. We need to put the proverbial oxygen mask on ourselves first in order to be of help on a grander scale to those around us. But we’ve forgotten because we are so invested in the childhood role given to us.

Your inner child, that precious Knowing, has been neglected. Today’s a great day to begin to reconnect with your inner child, to nurture yourself as you do others.

  1. Sit quietly and take in the feelings in your human body. As if you have x-ray vision, scan your body and notice where there are any blips, uncomfortable places.
  2. When/if you find one, take a few moments to send love to that particular spot. Imagine using a white light of healing love to warm it, embrace it, and to make it feel safe and secure.
  3. Notice if you ‘hear’ or ‘know’ anything about that particular spot. You may get a message that is important.
  4. Once you’ve sent healing white light to any and all of the spots in your physical body, go in deeper. Breathe in and out deeply for a few moments and ask the physical body what it would like you to know. This is an important step in the healing process. Write down what it is that you ‘know’ from the experience. We can process this later.
  5. Be with your inner child. Sit quietly and allow soulful conversations to emerge. Note what your body, mind and soul are telling you for they hold the keys to your healing.

Many empaths have a difficult time taking care of themselves as well as they take care of others. However, please remember that you are to take care of you first so that you can help others. This is a soul lesson that we need to learn in order to facilitate healing in ourselves and others. It is NOT selfish to carve out some ‘me’ time during the day/night. In fact, for empaths it is a necessity.

If you’re feeling tired, overworked and stressed, or you’ve been feeling blah lately, a little soul work will help to revive you, to heal you and to clear the path of the human experience for you. Sometimes it helps to process these feelings with another soul who listens. I am here for you. Just reach out if you feel you’d like some extra support.

I wish you a lovely, calm and peaceful Sunday.

Published by Joyful Change With Yvonne

Joyful Change is embracing the journey to health and wellness of mind, body and spirit. Sometimes we need a little hand holding and support as we process life school. I am here to help you as a Companion and Mentor.

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