Releasing 2021

I allow all of the 2021 lessons taught me to be integrated within and then released into the past. I choose to be present in this day as we transition into a new year. I hold dearly and cherish the good memories made in 2021. I release the bad ones after having learned the necessaryContinue reading “Releasing 2021”

Connection Is The Key To Success

Being connected to yourself and then to others is the key to success. But how to connect is often the problem that some people struggle with in life. Oftentimes we bring forward to the current situation, our past hurts and disappointments which can discolor our present. Learning to clear out the old in order toContinue reading “Connection Is The Key To Success”

Full Moon Rising

Did you know we had a full moon last night? Were you able to see it? It was magnificent as it rose through the trees where I live. Are you someone who enjoys sky watching? I spend time outside everyday, even if it’s only for a few minutes in the morning and at night. IContinue reading “Full Moon Rising”