People change.

Plans change.

Relationships change.

Goals change.

But one thing that I’ve observed in people which holds them back, frustrates them, and ultimately can bring bitterness to their lives is their resistance to change.

Some people spend so much time fighting change that they are ultimately unable to take a step back and realize that the things they’re holding on to won’t give them the joy, nor fulfillment, or the progress in life they are looking for in their lives.

So how do you change your mindset?

Accept that change is a part of reality.

Accept that change is a part of life.

Learn your lessons.

Appreciate your experiences.

Walk away thankful, not bitter.


Every day that you fight change…

You are missing out on the next opportunity.

If you find it difficult to do it on your own, reach out! I’m here to help! Sometimes all it takes is someone to help you see your life from a different angle!

Published by Joyful Change With Yvonne

Joyful Change is embracing the journey to health and wellness of mind, body and spirit. Sometimes we need a little hand holding and support as we process life school. I am here to help you as a Companion and Mentor.

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