I love a good sale! Especially one with my favorites on it! Even better when it’s UP TO 70%+ off! Quality goodness at its peak – just in time for Mother’s Day treat baskets! So, here’s the link! This will take you to my store where you can browse to see if anything catches yourContinue reading “SALE’S ON!”

Sleep Spray Testimonial From Ana S.

“Let me tell you a secret! This spray right here has saved our bedtime…..I’d say marriage but that might be a little dramatic, maybe. Our daughter has ADHD and Anxiety, I’d say it’s on the extreme side of anxiety. The kind that takes over her brain where she worries about everything. Mix that in withContinue reading “Sleep Spray Testimonial From Ana S.”

Time Is The New Currency

Time is the new currency. If some activity is not taking me closer to more time with my family, a better version of myself, or better version of this earth, then I have no interest in participating in it. – Unknown This is how I’m truly feeling lately – pure and simple – in aContinue reading “Time Is The New Currency”

In The News…

QSciences is in the news! This is a great article defining what QSciences is all about in case you’re interested in knowing more and researching the company! I love when we can stand behind a name, a brand, a company that has been around for 10 years (founded in 2012) and globally does business! WhatContinue reading “In The News…”

Testimonial IBS Brandi N

In Brandi’s own words: “Today marks one week of being on new supplements by Q sciences. I’m pretty sure this shit is witchcraft because WHOA! Where to begin? Well, to start, I’ve been in and out of the doctors for years with gut health issues and among all the symptoms, tests, pokes and prods (andContinue reading “Testimonial IBS Brandi N”

Inspiration From Helen R.

Let me introduce you to Helen R. We are part of the same network marketing company and I wanted you to read her inspiring story. Because truth be told, her real and raw struggle inspired me. Perhaps, you need some inspiration too? It’s not just because she ‘paid off $40,000 in debit last Friday,’ butContinue reading “Inspiration From Helen R.”